farhana ferdous

There is a simple pleasure in cooking — a magic in the transformation of ingredients wholly into another with the addition of heat, spice, and tenderness. A love that seeps into dishes when it is offered to or shared with others. Ingredients that highlight each other or mellow one another, interacting in ways that are so human.

The nourishment I feel in my body when I eat a good meal is the same as the nourishment I feel in my being when I create. The simple rhythms of clay — its malleability and rigidity, predictability and unpredictability. The way it responds to touch. The mixing of different elements to create a special and never identical surface for each pot. It is the process that shifts a material into an object.

For a long time, clay has been an important material on which we eat. I create pieces that honor our food and the rituals we have created around it. Honor the ground from which we reap these important joys. Honor each other in our shared humanity, finding joy along the way.

- farhana ferdous








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